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Bee Removals


Bee Removals – We love keeping bees, but when they appear on your property without warning they can be a nuisance and even a danger.

If you have bees on your property, don’t try to chase them away – and definitely, don’t try to kill them with Doom or another commercial insecticide. Call the bee removals pros, and your visitors will buzz off before you know it.

At Bhive, we work with professional, highly skilled bee removal specialists throughout South Africa. If you need bees removed from your property, give these guys a call.

To list your Bee removal services for free email info@bhive.co.za

Bee Removals, What You Should Know

So you’ve got bees on your property, now what? Here are some helpful tips to follow when you find you have uninvited stripey visitors.

Safety First

Stay calm and keep pets, family and neighbours away from the immediate area.

Contact An Expert

Bee removal experts have experience in removing bees safely and humanely.

Do Not Interfere

Do not disturb the bees or attempt to remove them yourself.


What you should do if there’s a ball of bees on your property.

What you are seeing is a colony of bees swarming around and protecting their newly hatched queen, they are looking for a new home and are very vulnerable. If you encounter a ball of bees on your property, here’s what you should do;

Do not kill them

Attempting to kill bees with insecticide is incredibly dangerous and will only anger them and could result in serious injury or death.

Do not spray them with a hose pipe

They are simply waiting for members of the colony to find a suitable new home and are incredibly vulnerable. They will usually clear off in 48 hours.

Call a bee removal expert

If the bees haven’t cleared off in 48 hours and are now moving into a spot on your property, call the experts to humanely remove them

Why bee removal experts don’t work for free.

Travel Costs

Beekeepers need to cover their travel costs, many times, a bee removal job will require them to travel quite far and return to the site over the course of a couple of days in order to successfully remove a hive.

Labour Intensive

Removing bees is hard work. It can take hours, if not days to remove bees, depending on the circumstances. Expecting beekeepers to accept the swarm they removed as payment for their efforts isn’t feasible as they have to pay their assistants too.

Equipment Costs

Beekeepers use special tools and equipment to safely remove bees. Their equipment regularly needs servicing or replacing and they have to buy new beehives to re-home every swarm they remove.

Find A Bee Removal Expert

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