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Bee Smokers


Bee Smokers

Our range of high-quality bee smokers are suitable for hives and apiaries of all sizes and will produce a substantial amount of smoke that’ll pacify your bees effectively.

Bee Smoker Features

The smoker consists of two main parts: the fuel chamber and the bellows.

Heat Shield

The smoker’s heat shield protects your fingers and clothing from getting scalded by the smoker tank as it can get quite hot while it is in use.

Hanging Hook

The hanging hook is great for storing the smoker when not in use and also for hooking it on to the edge of your beehive while you are working.

Aeration Grate

An aeration grate inside the smoker’s tank prevents the ash from gathering on the bottom of the tank and allows for proper airflow and smoke production.


Heavy-Duty Bee Smokers

New to our product range is the heavy-duty bee smoker that works with a hand-crank as opposed to the classic bellow.

Great, Continuous Airflow

The hand cranking bellow creates more and continuous airflow, and is great for beekeepers with lots of bees.

Easy To Use

The heavy-duty smoker is easy to light and a breeze to operate. It has two handles, one to steady the smoker and the second to turn the hand crank.

How To Clean Your Bee Smoker

    • Step 1 – Scrape It

Use your hive tool or a flat head screwdriver to scrape off the worst of the burnt on soot and dirt from the inside of the smoker’s tank.

    • Step 2 – Soak It

Remove the smoker’s bellow from the tank by loosening its screws and then soak the tank overnight in warm water and white vinegar (or sugar soap).

    • Step 3 – Wipe It

After soaking the smoker overnight, wipe it down with a cloth or gently scrub it with an old toothbrush. It won’t be good as new but it will definitely be cleaner.

How To Light A Bee Smoker

Follow these helpful tips next time you light your bee smoker.

Step 1

Pick The Fuel, Tinder & Kindling

Tinder provides the initial flame and is usually made of crumpled bits of newspaper. Kindling is used to create smoldering heat and is typically made of pine needles or egg cartons. Fuel is used to increase smoke production once the fire is burning. Wood chips are usually used to this.

Step 2

Light The Smoker In Increments

Don’t over-stuff the smoker or light it from the top, it will go out very quickly. Lightly pack crumpled newspaper in the bottom and light it, give the bellow a few occasional puffs, once it’s burning add your kindling. Once your kindling is burning well you can add your larger fuel such as wood chips.

Step 3

Check The Smoke Temperature

Once your larger fuel is burning, you can close the lid. Remember to occasionally squeeze your bellow and check your fuel supply. Before you start smoking your bees make sure the smoke is cool, you don’t want to scald your bees. Be mindful where you place the smoker, it will burn the surface.

Beekeeping Smoker Accessories

Check out these beekeeping smoker accessories.

How To Use Your Bee Smoker

Here are a few helpful tips when next using your smoker.

Light Beforehand

Light up before approaching the hive.

This will give you enough time to start smoking your bees immediately on arrival.

Entrance First

Start with your hive entrance.

At first, release a few puffs of smoke at the hive entrance to calm the bees that are guarding it.

Don't Overdo It

Don't over-smoke the frames

Lift the cover and blow smoke across the frames. Don’t overdo it or you risk tainting the flavor of your honey.

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