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Beekeeper Suits


Beekeeper Suits

There’s no question about it: beekeeping is an amazing hobby. But like any outdoor activity – especially one that involves nature – it comes with its share of risks and precautions. When you work with bees, it’s essential to stay safe. That’s where our range of beekeeper suits comes in, designed in South Africa in collaboration with local beekeepers.

Beekeeper Suits Features

Our beekeeper suits are designed to give maximum protection against bee stings, and all-day comfort in most weather conditions.

Tailored Fit

Each of our beekeeping suits comes with an elastic waist at the back, elastic wrists and ankles, as well as elastic thumb and foot holds to make sure the suit stays perfectly in place.

Unisex Design

Our bee suits have a unisex design that fits most body types, making it suitable for both men and women to wear. The tailored fit will give it added wearing comfort.

Removable Veil

We have 2 veil options, the hooded veil and round cricket hat veil. They are interchangeable and can be removed easily by a sewed-on zipper which attaches the veil to the suit.


The Ventilated Bee Suit

Let’s face it, it gets super hot inside a bee suit. The ventilated beekeeper suit is ideal to help keep you a little cooler.

Lets Air In, Keeps Stings Out

The ventilated beekeeping suit consists of an ultra breathable three layer mesh material that’s great to wear in warmer climates as it lets in airflow and helps keep you a little cooler.

Detachable Veil Options

Our ventilated beekeepers suits have 2 different detachable veil options. The classic cricket style round veil, and the hooded fencing style veil. The fencing veil has the added bonus of opening in the front, super convenient!


The 3 layer material is designed to make the suit thicker, approximately 5mm, which cannot be penetrated by a bee’s stinger which is 1.5 – 3mm. This also means less bee deaths. Yay!

How To Clean Your Beekeeping Suit

The Veil
Spot clean or hand wash your veil, do NOT machine wash it.

The Bee Suit
Wash your suit as little as possible to ensure a longer lifespan. Use a cold, gentle cycle, do not let it dry in the sun and do not tumble dry it.

Do not wash your leather gloves as this will stiffen and shrink the leather, wipe them down with a soft damp cloth.

Tips When Wearing Your Bee Suit

Follow these tips when wearing your bee suit to ensure a sting-free session every time.

Check For Gaps

Any Bee-sized Gaps?

Once you have your suit on, make sure your zippers are closed all the way up. Bees can squeeze through the tiniest gaps. Luckily our suits are designed with overlapping zips and Velcro sections to seal off entry to the zip area.

Wear A Cap

Add Extra Protection

Wearing a cap under your veil can add an extra layer of protection and keep your veil cleaner for longer. If you have a hooded fencing style veil, the cap will keep the veil’s netting from touching your nose which will give the bees sure-fire access to a very sensitive area.

Inspect It

Check Your Suit Often

Carefully inspect your bee suit every time before you put it on. The suits are not indestructible, wear and tear can lead to holes or rips in the fabric over time. You do not want to discover a hole after bees have already entered it.

Beekeepers’ Veils

These beekeeper’s veils are a great addition to your beekeeping arsenal and can double as fishing hats, pretty cool.

How To Choose Beekeeper Suits

There are various factors to consider when choosing a beekeeping suit.

Cotton or Ventilated?

Which Fabric is Best?

While the ventilated fabric is great for warmer climates, we would not recommend it if you have to work in bushy areas as the fabric can snag and tear. The cotton material is super thick and though it may be hotter to work in, it will fare better in bushy environments.

Picking The Correct Veil

Round or Hooded?

While the round cricket hat style veil is the classic look, it may not be a comfortable fit if your head is on the larger side. It also has slightly less visibility than the hooded veil. The hooded veil has better visibility and it can open in the front.

Choosing The Correct Size

Go Up 1 - 2 Sizes

Your bee suit needs to be a baggy fit, so pick 1 – 2 sizes larger than your regular size. Compare your measurements against our size chart. You want to be able to bend over and squat comfortably in your suit. It should also fit over your regular clothes.

Beekeepers’ Gloves

Don’t forget to protect your hands.

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