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Ethical Bee Removals and Relocation Services We do ethical bee removals and relocation to our nursing apiary East of Pretoria. We are a proud family...

 Bee Removals /  Gauteng / 73 views

Bee Sanctuary Bee Removals Stuart, the founder of Bee Sanctuary bee removals, is a registered beekeeper and specialises in the safe removal and relocation of...

 Bee Removals /  Gauteng / 57 views

Proudly South African Honey From the hive to your home, 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey. We at The Beeger Picture are proudly South African...

 Raw Honey Sellers /  Mpumalanga / 31 views

Honeybadger Beekeeping Courses Pretoria Honeybadger Beekeeping Courses Pretoria - Honeybadger is proud to have seen many a bee entrepreneur and farmer come through our beekeeping...

 Beekeeping Courses /  Gauteng / 29 views

Honey Extraction Services Nelspruit At The Beeger Picture, we provide a full range of honey extraction services to our clients through a complete management system...

 Honey Extraction Services /  Mpumalanga / 28 views

Honeybadger Bee Removal Services Pretoria Are you in need of bee removal services in Pretoria? Do you have a beehive on your property that should...

 Bee Removals /  Gauteng / 27 views

Beekeeping Courses - Become a Beekeeping Expert The Beeger Picture offers extensive beekeeping courses and our beekeeping training courses have to date been attended by...

 Beekeeping Courses /  Mpumalanga / 27 views

Bee Removals Nelspruit The Beeger Picture Bee Removals Nelspruit - We remove and relocate Honey Bees all over the Lowveld area with our experienced team....

 Bee Removals /  Mpumalanga / 26 views

The Beeger Picture Pollination Services Nelspruit The Beeger Picture Pollination Services Nelspruit - Bees ensure a reliable and diverse seed and fruit supply through pollination....

 Pollination Services /  Mpumalanga / 23 views

Hive Management Services The Beeger Picture offers hive management services to both farmers, hobbyists and smaller beekeepers to ensure their hives remain in optimal health...

 Local Beekeepers /  Mpumalanga / 18 views