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Native Nosi Honey

Native Nosi Honey

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Native Nosi Honey – The Home of Raw Honey

Native Nosi Honey is produced by a South African Female Youth Bee Farmer specialising in organic honey production. At Native Nosi, we seek to produce & sell honey, wax & byproducts that are organic & indigenous. We only source pure indigenous African Honey. All our honey is pure, raw and 100%. We give you what the bees made.

Our Honey

The one thing we are very proud of is knowing that we give you what the bees have made. Honey is affected by many factors we have no control of including seasons, geographical location, forage and climate change. All those factors will determine the colour, taste and viscosity (thickness) of our honey. With that said, no 2 batches of pure honey will ever taste, look and feel the same. We fully rely on nature to make our honey and we share the product with you as we receive it from the bees. We therefore encourage our clients to understand this in order to understand why every batch is different. And the kind of client that appreciates nature is the kind of client that will appreciate every batch of our honey in all its facets of uniqueness.


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