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The Beeger Picture – Raw Honey

The Beeger Picture - Raw Honey

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Proudly South African Honey

From the hive to your home, 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey. We at The Beeger Picture are proudly South African just like our products. All our honey is farmed locally in the Lowveld, Mpumalanga. We believe having a good tasting product is worth nothing if the methods used to produce it are not in line with nature.

Raw Honey Flavours and Options

We sell different types of honey according to its floral origin available according to season. (If the honey is a blend, the bees did it. We harvest and extract the honey from each location separately):

Multi Flora Macadamia Honey

Macadamia honey from the Lowveld is usually a multiflora blend of honey that differs depending on the added variety of bee forage available on each farm. Macadamia trees do not produce a large amount of nectar even though it flowers prolifically. It is however one of the most sought after honey types in the Lowveld.

Multi Flora Avo Honey

Avo orchards produce a small amount of highly sought after honey but differs from farm to farm depending on the other forage available. This lead to another type of multiflora honey produced by The Beeger Picture bees.

Citrus Honey

Some of our bees forage on mixed orchards of Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon trees which results in a very popular citrus blend honey.

Bluegum Honey

Bluegum Honey or also known as Eucalyptus Honey is the most common honey in South Africa. This honey is produced when the bees visit the Eucalyptus trees, during the summer months. Each type of Eucalyptus tree produces a different tasting honey. In the Lowveld we produce mainly Saligna Gum honey which is very popular and sought after.

Lychee (Litchi) Honey

Litchi honey has high glucose levels therefore crystallises quickly. It has a distinct lichi flavour. Very little chemicals are used on litchi orchards thereby making it one of the safest and most favoured crops to pollinate for beekeepers.

Sunflower Honey

The honey created by bees which have primarily collected the nectar from sunflower fields, is defined by high level of glucose leading to a honey that granulates quickly. This honey has a very mild flavour making it a firm favourite by consumers using it in their coffee and tea.

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