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V’s Bees – Beekeeping Services

V's Bees - Beekeeping Services

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Beekeeping Services

We are a family of three doing our part in protecting and conserving the indigenous Apis Mellifera Scutellata, aka African Killer Bee by providing various beekeeping services in the North West province of South Africa.

Bee Removals & Relocation North West

We have quite the soft spot for these beautiful creatures, so if you find yourself dealing with an unwanted swarm of bees, either an established colony or just passing by, please do not hesitate to call. We will come to remove them and relocate them to a lovely new home on the farm.

Pollination Services

We do things a little differently concerning our pollination services. Our aim is to keep the bees as happy as possible, thus we do not offer pollination services in the sense of bringing hives through dependent on your crop, we would instead like to look at it as permanently housing bees on your farm and coming through to maintain them. Your crop yield increases with ours, and the bees are in a safe environment.

Honey, Wax & Propolis

We sell 100% pure, natural, unadulterated honey. Please note that with the high demand, we do struggle to keep up, but you are more than welcome to place an order and we will fulfil it as our stock replenishes. Should you need some wax or propolis, feel free to give us a buzz.

Buy Bees

So you want to keep some bees?
Look no further. We sell bees in 5 frame nucs (catch-boxes). Please know that your order will take time to fill, as we want your bees to have the best start in life. You will receive a new nuc with a strong, established colony.


Once the bug bites, it’s hard to satisfy the need for more information on these little beauties. We offer basic education on bees as well as the opportunity to work our hives with us. There is no better school than the school of life, and hands-on experience is what it’s all about.

Hive Management Services

Do you have some hives that you’re just not getting to? Not to worry, we’re here to help. If it’s just a basic inspection or full-on management, we’re there for you.

Honey Extraction

We do the sticky work for you.

Feel free to give us a buzz!

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  • Areas Covered: Skuinsdrif, Groot-Marico, Swartruggens, Zeerust
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