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Hive Tools


Beekeeper’s Hive Tools

If you’re a new beekeeper, hive tools are the one piece of equipment you just can’t do without. You’ll be amazed at just how many things you can do with this one simple piece of beekeeping equipment.

Hive Tool Uses

Hive tools have many different uses in beekeeping.


The primary function of a hive tool is to nudge frames apart by breaking through the propolis that makes it stick together.


Hive tools can be used to scrape away propolis and burr comb from frames, boxes and lids of your beehives.

Pest Control

Hive tools can be used during hive inspections to squish pests such as hive beetles, wasps and other pests inside the beehive.

The Multi-Function Hive Tool

The multi-function hive tool is a 7-in-1 beekeeping tool that’s an essential part of any beekeeper’s tool kit.

7-in-1 Beekeeping Tool

The multi-function beekeeping tool has 7 different uses for the beekeeper who likes a no fuss approach. It has the following handy tools and uses; 3x scrapers, pry bar, queen excluder cleaner, frame cleaner, hammer and nail puller. Pretty cool right?

The Importance Of Cleaning Hive Tools

Stop The Spread Of Disease

Cleaning is a drag, we know, but, it’s important to clean and sanitize your hive tools between use on each colony as it will help stop the potential spread of disease between bee colonies by cross-contamination.

How To Clean Your Hive Tools

Check out these helpful tips that explain how to clean your hive tools effectively and correctly.

1. Scrape

Scrape off as much of the bees wax and propolis as you can with another hive tool or a screwdriver.

2. Heat

Use a blowtorch to help melt off the remaining wax and propolis from the hive tool.

3. Wipe

Finally wipe and sanitize the hive tool to prevent any cross-contamination of disease between colonies.

Beehive Cleaning Tools

Here are a few tools specifically aimed at helping your clean frames and queen excluders.

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