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Honey Extractors


Honey Extractor Features

We’ve designed our extractors in collaboration with South African beekeepers and we pride ourselves in their quality and design.

Conical Shaped Bottom

The conical shaped bottom drum allows the extracted honey to drain more effectively.

Plexiglass Lids

Each honey extractor has 2 clear Plexiglas top lids to help keep dirt and debris out while you are extracting honey.

Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel barrel has a seamless weld and allows for easy cleaning after use.


New & Improved Industrial Electric Honey Extractor

Our industrial sized honey extractors just got better.

Improved Leg Design

Our industrial sized electric honey extractors now come with a sturdier leg design which gives them even better stability during extraction.

Wheels Added

In addition to the improved leg design, we have also added wheels. Now you can move the spinner around with ease.

How To Clean Your Honey Extractor

Before cleaning your extractor, if possible, tilt it at a steep angle and leave overnight to ensure you’ve drained the last remaining honey. Once done, scrape out the remaining wax and propolis with a spatula. Rinse the inside of the drum with cold water and wipe it down with a clean towel. Use plastic bags to cover the electric motor etc.

Tips When Using Your Honey Spinner

Follow these tips when using your honey spinner to ensure best results as well as a longer lifespan.

Frame Placing

Face The Top Outward

When placing your uncapped beehive frames into the basket of the extractor, make sure the top of the frame is facing outward.

Balance It Out

Don't Let It Wobble

Space frames equally apart inside the basket to ensure the machine won’t wobble. Be sure to check that the floor is even too, you do not want the machine to wobble in the slightest.

Keep Tap Open

Let The Honey Flow

Keep the honey gate open and let the honey flow into a bucket. Do not let it accumulate inside the tank while extracting.

Honey Extractor Accessories

Here are a few key accessories you’ll need when extracting honey.

Manual Honey Extractor vs Electric Honey Extractor

Not sure if you should pick a manual honey extractor or an electric honey extractor? Here are a few pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Manual Honey Spinner

Pro's and Con's

  • Con – Requires more effort to run.
  • Con – Takes longer to extract honey.
  • Pro – Great for hobbyists & beginners.
  • Pro – Cheaper to maintain & operate.
  • Pro – Can run & operate anywhere.
  • Pro – Less likely to break honeycomb during extraction.

Electric Honey Spinner

Pro's and Con's

  • Pro – Requires less effort than manual.
  • Pro – Quicker turnaround time.
  • Pro – Great for medium to large enterprises.
  • Con – More expensive to maintain.
  • Con – Must extract close to power sources.
  • Con – Can break honeycomb if you spin too fast.

Honey Extraction Tools

In addition to honey spinners, you’ll need the following honey extraction tools and equipment to make honey harvesting a success.

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