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Bee Removals

So you've got a swarm of bees on your property, now what? A swarm of bees buzzing around your property can be surprising or even scary, but don't panic. There are specialists that are highly trained and efficient with bee removals and will clear your garden, farm, or plot of bees with minimal disruption.

Contrary to what many people think, bees are not highly aggressive animals. They simply respond to threats like everyone else, and while you’re waiting for a removal specialist to arrive the best thing you can do is leave them “bee”. It's best not to approach bees on your property, and it's a good idea to share this advice with family members and domestic workers too.

Bee removals should not be attempted by anyone except trained professionals. Swatting bees or attempting to spray them with doom or similar insect killer sprays will only anger them and this could result in a swarm or attack.

Once you notice bees on your property, follow these three steps:

1. Stay calm and keep everyone away from the bees
2. Contact one of the bee removal specialists below
3. Don't disturb the bees in any way and keep a safe distance until the bee removal specialist arrives

To ensure and successful safe bee removal, contact one of the highly trained bee removal pros below.

To list your bee removal services for free, register and fill in an application form here.

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