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Beekeeping Courses

Having your own hive of bees that produce healthy honey can be an addictively sweet hobby, but getting the hang of beekeeping can be challenging for beginners. Once you’ve bought your hive and beekeeping equipment, it’s a great idea to get some training before you kick off your new favourite pastime.

The beekeeping courses listed here are offered by experts across South Africa with years of experience in all aspects of hive maintenance and honey production. Here are some of the things you can learn by enrolling.

● The different types of hive setups and which one fits your needs as a hobbyist or commercial honey producer.
● The biology of honey bees, their life cycle, and how this affects honey production.
● Growing your bee colony. Feeding your bees, optimising honey production, and ensuring that your hive remains in good health.
● Dealing with pests. Learn about the most common types of insects that attack beehives and how to deal with them.
● Honey harvesting and processing. Learn how to remove honeycomb from your hive safely and prepare your colony for another cycle of delicious honey production.

To start learning about beekeeping today, choose one of the courses from our providers below.

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