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You wouldn’t let strangers into your home – so why let insect invaders into your beehives? Beetles and other insects love honey as much as we do, and once they have broken into your hives there’s no end to the damage they can cause.

You could even end up with a damaged colony that has to be abandoned or split and restarted from scratch – and that means years of patience and care down the drain.

Luckily, there are ways to keep beetles out of your beehives. Protect your bee colony from unwanted intruders – browse our range of traps and guards below.

Browse all beekeeping pest control products. We have various different products that help trap small insects and hive beetles in beehives. From reusable small beetle traps that snap onto the top of your frames, to beetle barn jails (CD discs) that are placed on the floor of the hive, these traps are sure to help bring your pest situation under control. They are essential tools for beekeepers who want healthy, happy beehives. Made from premium material, non-toxic and safe. What makes these traps so effective is the fact that bees are prone to harass intruders, so the insects and beetles will look for refuge in small dark places, such as these traps.